Primary Care Incentive Matrix

In January of 2016, COIPA launched a new incentive program for primary care providers in Central Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge focused on improving care for patients in the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid). A Quality, Values, and Outcomes Committee (QVOC), consisting of regional primary care providers, was convened in late 2015 to select measures that were clinically meaningful and would drive improvements of patient care and experience. The selected measures are categorized in three areas: 1. Access; 2. Quality & Care Management, Cost Effectiveness; 3. Patient Satisfaction. The measures for 2017 can be viewed here:

2017 PCP Incentive Matrix: Central Oregon

2017 PCP Incentive Matrix: Columbia Gorge 


COIPA is very excited by the response to the matrix program in the first two quarters. 16 clinics have participated, together covering 95.5% of the OHP lives in Central Oregon and 94% in the Columbia Gorge. This level of response and engagement is a testament to the sincere desire among regional providers to give their patients the best possible care.

Why the PCP Incentive Matrix is innovative:

  1. The funds are pre-allocated at the beginning of each year, meaning providers are ensured that money will be available to reward their efforts.
  2. Unlike some other quality metrics programs, dollars for the PCP Incentive Matrix are awarded at the individual clinic level. This means that clinics receive money based on their performance, regardless of the performance of the IPA or Coordinated Care Organization as a whole.
  3. The measures were selected by regional providers in Central Oregon and the Gorge, respectively, focused on the needs of our providers and our patients.
  4. The quarterly, step-wise nature of the incentives allow for a slower build to more complicated measures, rather than an end-of-year rush attempting to achieve measure success. Thus, clinics can build real practice changes that will last and have strong impact on patient care.

If you have questions about the PCP Incentive Matrix or are interested in participating, please contact Ashley Zeigler: 541-280-8166

Previous years:

2016 PCP Incentive Matrix: Central Oregon 

2016 PCP Incentive Matrix: Columbia Gorge