Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the corporation on behalf of the Board and under the direction and authority of the Board.

Quality, Value, and Outcomes Committees for Primary and Specialty Care

The Primary and Specialty Care Quality Value and Outcomes Committees (P-QVOC & S-QVOC) are responsible to:

  1. Develop clinical quality and utilization review programs, steps to implement such programs, and plans to monitor the      outcomes of such programs;
  2. Set overall utilization review and management priorities;
  3. Design clinical care guidelines and provide ongoing oversight, review and modification of such guidelines;
  4. As deemed appropriate by the committee or the Board, generate general financial and analytical reports regarding utilization of  medical service, based on historical claim data, for the purpose of measuring historical claims data, for the purpose of measuring results of, or necessity for, utilization programs or guidelines;
  5. Perform any other tasks assigned to it by the Board;
  6. Present all programs, guidelines, and priorities to the Board for approval;
  7. Report regularly to the Board, and communicate to the Board upon request.

Task Forces: In order to effectively accomplish its duties, it may become necessary from time to time for the QVOC to involve individuals outside of the committee.  To do so, the QVOC may form one or more “task forces,” comprised of Members or employees of COIPA and/or other individuals.

Provider Incentive and Engagement Committee

The Provider Incentive and Engagement Committee (PIEC) is responsible to design, facilitate and monitor programs relating to payments to COIPA members under the terms of incentive plans.

Contract Committee

The Contract Committee is comprised of COIPA member providers and clinic administrators.  Along with COIPA administration and outside consultant, the committee is responsible to negotiate and review reimbursement terms for new and existing managed care contracts.

Credentialing Committee

The COIPA Credentialing Committe provides peer review for the credentialing functions.