About Us

Founded in 1992, Central Oregon Independent Practice Association (COIPA) is comprised of 692 physicians and practitioners in 117 clinics within a 40,000 square mile geographic area in Oregon who pay a yearly membership fee to maintain membership.  COIPA is a mutual benefit nonprofit Oregon corporation established by various health care providers to improve and support the quality of health care in the regions that its providers serve. COIPA seeks to do this by facilitating practice transformation, integrating care across clinical settings and practices, leading coordinated health care initiatives, and attracting contracts from a variety of entities to pay for this care.

Our Mission: We are fervently committed to preserving provider independence, improving the quality of healthcare, and providing support for the success of our members.


Our Vision: Independent Providers. Quality Healthcare. Community Value.


COIPA negotiates managed care contracts on behalf of the membership, performs centralized credentialing processes for members, and promotes evidence-based medicine and  practice guidelines to help guide the medical decision making processes for  providers. In an effort to further support members, COIPA has obtained discounted rates on malpractice insurance, medical office supplies, office supplies, group dental insurance and other services.

COIPA administration is comprised of an executive director, a medical director, a health quality program director, an office manager, a credentialing manager, a credentialing assistant, and a program manager.

Our Values

Honesty: COIPA business is conducted with honesty and integrity.

Respect: COIPA respects the rights, issues, privacy, and individuality of members and the community it serves.

Ethics: COIPA members will diagnose and treat patients ethically.

Creativity: COIPA is innovative and creative in review and adoption of new technology, addressing practice and financial challenges, and any other issues concerning its membership.

Excellence: COIPA strives for excellence in services provided to its members and the community.

Fairness: COIPA will strive for fairness in all its relationships.